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The New Generation Movement is a non violent and non partisan association where we all speak with one voice irrespective of our political background, tribe, education, religion, social status and language to create a better future for the next generation.
It is also a platform to build and develop young leaders who will move our country in the right direction. Bright young people, throughout history have wanted to make a difference... and often they do! Join the movement today & let your voice be heard.


New Generation movement will update you with news as it unravels 24 hours 365 days.

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We have a dream of a country where both the young and old will be able to speak as one
A nation where both the rich and poor will have equal rights.
A right to vote and be voted for… It will be a sovereign state
where both the able and the disable will have equal chance, a chance to make
our nation great again. Our beloved country shall no longer be governed only by
people of influence and economical status;
a throne down of political inheritance and vigor.
We have a dream that a time will come when Nigeria
will be led and governed by people elected solely based on MERIT & PATRIOTISM
We have a dream… .

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